Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

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Vision 2030 - Humans & Machines

We are dedicated to the “Vision 2030” which strives to support AI computer engineers to work in a highly ethical manner with the intention of applying new technologies to improve our planet sustainably and responsibly. We have built an explainable AI business platform that allows the financial sector to uncover new return opportunities, evaluate hidden portfolio risks,  and leverage big data through a human-plus-machine approach.

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Our ambition is to become the global thought leader business platform on Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in the asset management industry. A next generation emerging technology, fueled by exponentially growing computer power, cloud computing, Internet of Things (“IoT”),  data analytics and blockchain, is about to revolutionize the asset management industry. As the industry stands at the cusp of arguably the greatest technological transformation, we set out to underscore the opportunities and limitations of AI as well as the continued important role of human judgement in investment processes. Undoubtedly, we witness a paradigm shift in how investors will allocate their assets and on how they integrate the latest AI tools in their investment process.

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Why Codemacher?

Why Codemacher?

Based upon our extensive academic and practical know-how we advice professional investors on how to participate best in this scientific AI-revolution.

We screen and identify the best performing software solutions and investment strategies applying the following types of AI applications in investment management:

Using machine learning (“ML”), including deep learning neural network techniques to improve the algorithms used in investment processes

Using natural language processing (“NLP”), knowledge graphs, computer vision, and voice recognition to efficiently process text, image, and audio signal data.


Science & Research

Science & Research

There is a broad scientific consensus that AI-powered softwares and investment strategies are much quicker and smarter in exploiting market inefficiencies across all asset classes than traditional solutions. According to the Accenture Artificial Intelligence 2020 Study, mature firms who industrialised and scaled AI across the investment process cited up to 300 bps of alpha p.a.

Learn more about how deep learning neural networks have launched the next scientific revolution leading to a paradigm shift in how professional investors will allocate their assets by watching our research video, reading our science section or by flicking through some of the best papers written by industry leaders and academia.

Enjoy the reading and stay ahead of the next technological revolution rather than being replaced by it.

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Jan - Dec

Global Webinar Series on AI in Finance

North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, GCC, Latin America

In partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and NVIDIA, the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) has launched its new global webinar series on Artificial Intelligence, Explainability and Trustworthiness in Financial Services




The Future of Digital Credit Systems – The USA vs. China

US consumer surveillance capitalistic credit scores vs. Chinese state-run social credit system

Online conference

3:00 pm

Past 2022




The Brain – Complexity & Beauty

Online Movie by David Eagleman

David Eagleman makes it easy to comprehend the most complex collection of cells in the cosmos - our brain

3:00 pm

Past 2021




The 6th European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance

Winterthur, Switzerland

Zurich University of Applied Science

12:30 am

Past 2020




The fifth European COST conference

Winterthur, Switzerland

Zurich University of Applied Science

12:00 pm