Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We focus on software solutions and investment strategies whose intellectual property (IP) and algorithms are at the forefront of cutting-edge machine learning technologies.

These software solutions and investment strategies apply machine and deep learning neural network techniques using natural language processing (“NLP”), knowledge graphs, computer vision, and voice recognition to efficiently process market, text, image, and audio signal data.

These software solutions can be applied to assess the attractiveness of single stocks at a certain time, to detect early signs of a market regime shift and stock market correction, or to steer the tactical asset allocation dynamically.

The solutions impress investors by the explainable transparency of which features and factors drive the recommendations of the AI algorithms and they are fairly easy to integrate in the investment process of traditional investors through user-friendly web-based interfaces.

All solutions adhere to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), joining the leading international network of institutional investors committed to including ESG criteria in their investment process.



We provide a business platform for exciting AI-powered software solutions and investment strategies with the finger on the pulse of groundbreaking next generation technologies. These strategies are implemented in either a traditional long-only or in an alternative investment approach. They cover the entire set of investable asset classes from equities over consumer loans fixed income to dynamic asset allocation solutions.

These innovative computer algorithms analyse unique sets of proprietary big data and generate consistent outperformance of their respective benchmarks while mitigating the risk of large drawdowns. Moreover, they constantly innovate, enlarge their datasets, enhance their algorithms and thereby come up with new inventions.

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