We focus on investment strategies whose intellectual property (IP) and algorithms are at the forefront of cutting-edge machine learning technologies.

These strategies apply machine and deep learning techniques using natural language processing (“NLP”), knowledge graphs, computer vision, and voice recognition to efficiently process market, text, image, and audio signal data.

These innovative computer algorithms analyse unique sets of proprietary big data and generate consistent outperformance of their respective benchmarks while mitigating the risk of large drawdowns.

Moreover, they constantly innovate, enlarge their datasets, enhance their algorithms and thereby come up with new inventions.


We provide a business platform for exciting AI-powered investment strategies with the finger on the pulse of groundbreaking next generation technologies. These strategies are implemented in either a traditional long-only or in an alternative investment approach. They cover the entire set of investable asset classes from consumer loans fixed income over equities to global macro and managed futures (CTA).

As critical the degrees of freedom is a prerequisite for the scientists and engineers to convert their research into concrete solutions, as important is the scientific independence of these engineers to us. We hence declare that we have no conflict of interest in promoting these investment strategies. For this reason, the name of the underlying managers is not disclosed on our platform.

Interested investors are invited to fill in the form below in order to learn more about these investment strategies. After filling in the form we will match the investor with the respective asset manager and upon request assist in the due diligence process.