Last updated: 16 March 2022

Codemacher AG is an active member of the “Ombudsstelle für Finanzdienstleister” (OFD), which is an acknowledged ombudsman of the federal finance department according to Art. 84 Abs. 1 FIDLEG.

According to Art. 22 FinSA, client advisors of domestic financial service providers who are not supervised in accordance with Art. 3 FINMASA may only exercise their activities in Switzerland if they are entered in a register of advisors. The advisor register is maintained by a registration office in accordance with Art. 31 FinSA.

Each employee of Codemacher AG is therefore a qualified financial advisor under the Swiss regulation FINMA, registered with BX Swiss AG under Art. 29 Abs. 1 FIDLEG and qualified to promote investment solutions and funds to qualified investors.